Our kitchens are a signature product and feature elements from around the world. From modern to traditional, Tuscan and Scandinavian, expect the best in quality products. Whether it's your dream or our custom design, expect that we will exceed your expectations. No room in a house draws a crowd like a well done kitchen; with its high-end appliances, flooring, counters and cabinets. View some kitchens that we recently finished here.


Bathrooms are unique in a house in that they are forgotten until needed. But, they can also be the ideal place in a home to pamper yourself. With a little planning and some our featured bathroom products, a bathroom can also be a work of art. With gorgeous fixtures, flooring and optional jacuzzi, you may find yourself spending more time in the relaxation of a Meyer Signature bathroom. View some bathrooms that we recently finished here.


At Meyer, we not only remodel kitchens and bathrooms, but we also sell the appliances that install into the home. This allows us to be appliance experts. We know which are the best appliances on the market, how best to install them, and which ones are right for you. This is an advantage over our competition and allows us the edge in customization, which suits our clients that are looking for something unique. View some appliances that we recommend by appliance brand.

Services and Parts

We also service appliances, so you know that if you purchase appliances from us and have any problems with your new appliance, we can sometimes repair or replace same day. Our service and repair specialists are familiar with all major brands and can save you money over buying a new replacement. If you suspect that an appliance is not working correctly, give us a call and we can help diagnose any appliance not working within its normal parameters. Need parts? We can help with that also.